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Birgitte Breemerkamp


Birgitte Breemerkamp holds a BA in English Literature and Culture (Leiden University), specialising in Old English philology. For her BA thesis Runes, Riddles, and Rhymes: The Five Rune Poems as Pedagogical Tools, supervised by Dr. M.H. Porck, she performed a comparative analysis of the five surviving Rune Poems in Old English, Old Norse, Icelandic, Old Saxon, and Swedish. She presented a paper based on the research for her BA thesis during the ISSEME 2021: Contributions conference.

In June 2020 she graduated cum laude from the MA Literary Studies: English Literature and Culture programme at Leiden University. Her MA thesis, entitled The Phoenix as a Symbol of Succession Anxiety in Early Modern English Literature and supervised by Dr. mr. L.E.M. Fikkers, chronicles the rise and fall of phoenix symbolism in early modern English literature and analyses the symbol's unique connection to Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603).

Birgitte’s research interests are early modern English literature and culture, book history, diplomatic history, and court studies.

Birgitte Breemerkamp
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